The 5 Most Important Negotiation Skills You Must Master

  Think of all the times in your business week you negotiate:  with new hires and existing employees; with sales prospects and long-term clients; with vendors and suppliers. If you’re a business owner or leader, you need to know how to negotiate. This is non-negotiable.   Click here to read the five most important negotiation skills […]

7 Harsh Truths That Will Improve Your Leadership Skills Overnight

  If you find yourself in the precarious position of wondering “where do I stand as a leader,” at some point you must face some brutal truths about what it takes to motivate and inspire on a human, emotional, and psychological level.   Click here to take your leadership skills to the next level, again.

5 Tips to Maximize Public Speaking Opportunities

  Public speaking isn’t for everyone. Even for those of us who enjoy it, presenting in front of an audience presents regular stumbling blocks. Just ask Warren Buffet, who overcame stage fright early in his career.   The rewards of public speaking engagements can far outweigh the challenges, particularly as it significantly accelerates the exposure of a […]

5 Calendar Hacks to Save 5 Hours Every Week

  Everyone is busy these days, but entrepreneurs might take the cake as the busiest people on the planet. There is, however, a difference between being busy and being productive. ​Pro tip: You want to be the latter. Click here to read more!

5 Easy Ways to Attract More Website Traffic

  If one of your goals this year is to create a website, it goes without saying that you want it to attract visitors. Whether you started the new year with a new business venture or got around to kicking off a blog in 2018, finally getting your idea out into the world is a […]

Stark Office Suites – White Plains

Enhance your professional image and increase your operational efficiency in our premium White Plains office rentals, elegantly furnished and staffed with a team of caring and friendly individuals that are personally invested in you and your company.   Give your business the image it deserves and the convenience of being in the center of it […]

7 Words Confident People Don’t Have in Their Vocabulary

  When we become anxious, we begin to use words that don’t do a great job at hiding those feelings. It’s an unfortunate thing that happens. Who wants their audience to validate that we’re nervous when we’re trying to act cool and confident?   Whether it’s a speech or a one-on-one meeting, it’s normal to feel uncomfortable […]

How to Write a Killer Sales Plan

  Most people are familiar with a marketing plan, a document that describes how you intend to generate sales leads and turn them into potential customers. A sales plan (aka sales campaign plan) is different: it provides a roadmap for an individual sales effort.   Click here to read more about making a sales plan.