Welcome to Stark Office Suites

Dear Business Professional,

They say if you smile when you’re on the phone, you present yourself more positively. Isn’t the same true for your workspace? When you feel good in your office – elegant surroundings, handsome furniture – you project that success in everything you do. That premise is working for hundreds of satisfied professionals who have made Stark Office Suites their “workplace of choice.” And it can work for you in any of our locations across New York City, Westchester and Connecticut.

My business model is based on the fact that every professional has different needs and priorities. Accommodating those differences is my priority. So whether you need full-time office space, a part-time office or a “virtual” business base, I’ll customize a solution that works for you. Whatever you decide, you’ll become part of our unique networking community that encourages entrepreneurship and business growth.

I know first hand that time is money when you’re running your own business. It’s your most precious resource, and there’s never enough of it. At Stark Office Suites, you can count on us to keep your office operating smoothly, allowing you to devote all your time to your customers. And that’s the best way to do business.


Sincerely yours,

Adam J. Stark

Adam J. Stark
President, Stark Office Suites