Meet the Stark Team

Adam J. Stark is the President and Founder of Stark Office Suites. He is an entrepreneur at heart, with an eye for business innovation. Following a highly successful career in finance, he branched out on his own in 2004 to found Stark Office Suites.
Ben Blumberg has been involved with Stark Office Suites virtually since its inception. He was one of Stark's first clients and joined the Stark executive team as Executive Vice President of Business Development.
Allison Dooley began her career at Stark in 2010. She quickly became a leader among the Company’s managers. Allison is a valuable and respected leader with keen insight and judgment and the ability to make things happen.
Chris Wahlers joined the Stark team in 2015 as the Director of Technology. Chris currently serves as Vice President of Technology, with responsibility for the overall planning, organization and execution of all IT functions across Stark's locations.
Roxann McCullagh joined the Stark management team in 2013.  She is an attorney with over 15 years of experience in the office business center industry. As Vice President and General Counsel, Roxann oversees many of the legal, financial, contract and human resources matters for the operation.
Leni Covello joined the Stark team as an Associate in 2012. As the company has grown, she has held many roles and earned greater responsibilities, as well as the respect of her clients. Leni is responsible for the daily operations throughout every Stark Office Suites location and helps to ensure that the needs of all clients are being met.

It is a privilege to be a tenant of Stark Office Suites. The staff is accommodating, polite and helpful in every respect. The facilities are kept in an immaculate manner. It is truly a professional operation with special credit going to Sandra Swersky, the Site Manager, who goes out of her way to ensure that all of the tenants’ needs are addressed.

Michael Ross

What’s so different at Stark? They listened carefully, assessed the nuances of my industry and tailored an office plan to fit my needs. I was up and running in days. It was so seamless, there is no doubt in my mind…I would definitely recommend Stark.

Collin R. Mitchell, CEO & Sr Tax Advisor Mitchell Management Group, Inc.

Working out of Stark Office Suites in White Plains has changed the way I work. Now when I go to the office every day, I am able to focus on just work as opposed to running an office and as a result, my productivity has skyrocketed. I couldn’t imagine a better set up for a sole practitioner.

Natasha Meruelo

Stark Office Suites has met all of our needs for corporate office space for our new restaurant ventures.

George Banta

Being a part of the Stark virtual office system has allowed my business to grow more than I have ever imagined. The staff is always accommodating to my needs, and I consider them part of my team.

Chris Nealon, Christopher's Photography Studio

There is an extremely high level of professionalism exhibited at Stark, a consistently genuine care and respect demonstrated and great attention paid to every detail that will ensure your continued success. I highly recommend Stark Office Suites.

Owen G