Entrepreneurs, Start-ups and “Solopreneurs”

The Perfect Place for Any Business Venture

Stark Office Suites is the premium solution for flexible executive suites and virtual offices for any business. Without the need for a long-term commitment or the expense of an office build-out, you can move your business forward at a pace that suits your needs and budget. Stark’s turn-key office space is ideal whether you are a start-up or already established. Plus, our friendly professional environment makes it easy to network, collaborate, and form important strategic alliances.

Enjoy the benefits of:

  • Flexible terms to expand or contract office space based on your needs
  • Easy expansion within and across all Stark locations
  • Access to all Stark Office Suites locations
  • Trouble-free transition between virtual and full-time options
  • Impressive conference facilities and meeting spaces
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Working out of Stark Office Suites in White Plains has changed the way I work. Now when I go to the office every day, I am able to focus on just work as opposed to running an office and as a result, my productivity has skyrocketed. I couldn't imagine a better set up for a sole practitioner.

~Natasha Meruelo