2024 Business Resolution: Get a Private Office

Need an office. No more working from home.

For many, the ability to work at home was a life-saver and offered some side benefits; a 15-second commute, time to walk the dog or even throw in a load of laundry. But as many professionals are learning, there are many situations when a home office just won’t do, for instance:

  • You have an exciting new prospect and a big presentation has been scheduled. You have a lot riding on this potential new piece of business and you want to make certain that no balls get dropped! This type of meeting cannot be held at home regardless of how well set up and professional your home office might be (and a Starbucks won’t cut it either). You want to make the very best first impression and a more formal work environment will set the stage for your presentation and the beginning of this new professional relationship.

  • Your work schedule includes specific days or times when you need total concentration and quiet to conduct Zooms or webinars or simply to do high-level client calls. Sure your home office is convenient but you also run the risk of extraneous noises that smack of being at home (i.e. kids, dog, neighbors, garbage truck, etc.) and make you feel less than professional. While we’ve gotten more accepting of it, putting someone on hold to hush the dog will break your concentration and undermine your professional image.

  • While you like the autonomy of working at home there are days when you know that you would be more disciplined and productive in an office, even if just for part of the day. It can be difficult to be continually motivated and being with other professionals hard at work can help you to “get down to business.”

That’s why many professionals are now making a New Years resolution to get back to the office, at least part-time. The ideal working solution might be a combination of the best of both worlds – and that’s exactly what we offer here at Stark Office Suites. Flexible office solutions to meet your unique requirements.

With premier business addresses at convenient locations in Westchester, Manhattan, Fairfield County, Long Island and Hartford, we make it easy for business professionals to marry the convenience of working at home with the professionalism that is found in an private furnished office of conference room when you need it. Contact us to see how we can help you keep at least one New Years resolution!

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