Build Your Business With an Informal Board of Advisors

Board of Advisors Meeting

Running a small business can be difficult. Some efficiencies will hinge on the fundamental work of specialized “subject-matter” staff or outside professionals, for example accountants to oversee finances and lawyers to oversee contracts. But you are still left with “mission critical” duties that will drive overall success. It is important not to fall into the […]

Business Email: Five Rules to Help Avoid Email Disasters

Email Tips

How many business emails do you get each day? 50, 100, more? For many of us it seems as if there is no end to the incessant onslaught of email that comes to our mailboxes 24/7. We complain but there is no stopping it and that’s because email is incredibly convenient. We can connect with […]

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Start Selling

Boost Sales

Pop quiz: Your business activity isn’t what it should be to start the year and revenues are down. What do you do? A) Hide in your office and worry incessantlyB) Stay the course and assume things will improve on their ownC) Fire some “underperforming” members of your staffD) Begin to proactively sell, market, and network […]

Show Them the Love!

Customer Appreciation

February 14th is Valentine’s Day and the big brands and retailers are all vying for your attention. For many consumers, attempts by these businesses to get them to remember the date is successful; just observe the long lines at florists and candy purveyors. But what about for businesses? Surely we don’t shower our clients with flowers […]

Tips to Ensure You Meet Your Goals in 2023

Setting Goals

It’s January and many of us have set some ambitious goals for the New Year that lies ahead, and given that the year is new, you certainly have a good shot at accomplishing them! Here are three things you can do right NOW to help to ensure you meet your goals: Record your goals and […]

How to be a Better Communicator, Even in the Age of Zoom

Some people seem to be “natural” communicators. Their thoughts and words are always coherent and spoken in a natural, confident and compelling manner. Their “style” prompts their audience to “lean in”, whether that audience is comprised of 1 person or 1000. Being a good communicator is an important skill to have, particularly so in the […]

Better Late Than Never? Not So Much

Running Late For Business Meeting

Better late than never. Do you agree? Try telling that to the gate agent when the plane is already pulling away from the gate. Or to the prospective client that cut short their earlier meeting to accommodate your schedule. And that Broadway play that will have you wait in the lobby until intermission, let them […]

Three Ways to Network More Effectively

business networking stark office suites

Business networking has changed and with so many of us working remotely, it’s more important than ever to keep your business top-of-mind! While the need for our fellow networkers to be geographically accessible has become less critical – as long as you have internet access, you can network actively – a local focus can often […]

Working On The Beach Can Be Cool but…

Working on Beach Remotely

Working on the beach can be cool but meeting a client here could get downright cold. Warm-up your business with a virtual office solution from Stark Office Suites. Our Virtual Office options include: Are you always on the go? Our Virtual Office Solutions offers a unique blend of the flexibility to work when and where […]

Still Trying To Do It All?

Business Person Multitasking

While most will agree that 2022 has been closer to “normal” than the prior two years, it’s still been an adjustment as businesses adapt to the “new normal”. Many still work from home, or have a hybrid arrangement, some of us moved, and many small business owners have taken on tasks that prior to the […]

Pssst – Your Address Is Talking About You

Virtual Office Address

No, not your email address; we’re referring to the address where you receive your USPS mail and meet with clients and prospects. Yes, that address! These days many business people work from a home office and get their mail at an address that does little to conjure up an image of professionalism and business smarts. […]

Do Ghosts and Goblins Scare You? How About Your Year-End Numbers?

Hallloween for business

It’s that time of year – Halloween is soon upon us! Decorations and all manner of Fall paraphernalia have been in the stores since Labor Day, soon to be replaced by turkeys, Christmas ornaments, and menorahs. Halloween is very special for kids. While not in the origin of the holiday, they’re excited to put on […]