Looking Forward to a Strong 4th Quarter

4th Quarter Sales Goals

Here we are looking ahead at fall and the all-important 4th Quarter. At this stage in the year you should have a good understanding of how your 2023 measured up. Did you meet (or exceed!) the goals you set at the beginning of the year? Did you fail to do so? How will your 2023 […]

Getting Ready for the Week Ahead

Do you find the transition from Sunday to Monday very tough? It doesn’t necessarily mean that you dislike what you do, but rather that Monday morning comes about too soon. It doesn’t have to be that way. Regardless of your position, there are several things that you can do to ease yourself into the workweek […]

Stark Office Suites Plaza District: The Pinnacle of a Manhattan Office Location​

Plaza District Office for Lawyers

Envision having your legal practice situated at the heart of the Plaza District in New York City, an address renowned for its global prestige. Stark Office Suites’ location in the Plaza District at 110 East 59th Street presents an exclusive fusion of top-tier office space and amenities within Manhattan’s most distinguished enclave. These fully furnished […]

Get Back to Business for September

Back to Business September

We find ourselves in the sultry, dog days of August, the time of year when days are still long and nights are warm. But even though the sun sets earlier than it did back in July, there is still enough daylight lingering at the end of the workday for summer’s many diversions. Enjoy it while […]

Home Offices: The Good, Bad and Ugly

home office image

Yes, the business world has changed and many have discovered the perks of a home office! Commute time? Just count the number of steps between your bedroom and “Corporate Headquarters.” Work-appropriate attire? Not even sure what that may mean. And you won’t even mind a little water cooler talk when your pets are involved! But […]

Are You Sharing Your Business Secrets in Starbucks?

Doing Business in Starkbucks

Espresso machines whirring and baristas shouting coffee orders, the hum of people talking and all of this to the background music that is a signature of the Starbucks experience. While they offer a great environment to pass some time with a friend or simply catch up on emails using their free WIFI, it’s not usually […]

Marketing is Not a One-Time Event

small business marketing plan

Developing an integrated, ongoing marketing program is a challenge for companies of all sizes. Larger companies typically have a whole department or ad agency devoted to marketing, and smaller ones may just have a handful of staff loosely involved with marketing… or maybe, just the principal. No matter the staffing levels, the need for consistent […]

How to Maintain Your Focus on Business During the Summer Months

summer business

We are finally getting to enjoy the warm weather and long days that signify the spring and summer seasons. It’s been slow in coming, and because we wait so long for summer to arrive it is no wonder we want to enjoy every single second of it. It certainly can be difficult to concentrate and […]

Now is the Time for Spring Cleaning Your Business

Spring Cleaning Your Business

Spring is here – what does it mean to you? Flowers. Warmer temperatures. Longer daylight hours. For many people springtime implies all of those things; however, it also prompts the seasonal ritual of spring cleaning. It’s been said that the act of spring cleaning can elicit feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment, perhaps not when the […]

May is Small Business Month – Time to recognize and Celebrate Small Businesses

Small Business Month

Small Business Month is a tribute celebrating small businesses, in recognition of the courage, community efforts, and hard work they deliver all year long! There are approximately 32 million small businesses in the United States, accounting for 66% of employment growth over the last 25 years according to the Small Business Administration (SBA), serving as […]

Reconnecting with Your Old Contacts Makes Good Sense

Sales Contact List

Why Circling Back to Your Old Contacts May Give You Your Best ROI It seems like when the topic of sales and business development comes up everyone is always talking about their prospect lists and how they are gathering new names to add to their list. Too rarely does anyone talk about how a segment […]

Why Being Different is Better than Being Better

Effective Sales Calls

When someone tells you, “Our product is better than what you are currently using,” what do you think? Do you get excited, lean forward, and say, “Tell me more!” Or are you guarded and skeptical, because, well, you’ve heard that line a million times? The truth is that most of us can tell when we […]