Do Ghosts and Goblins Scare You? How About Your Year-End Numbers?

Hallloween for business

It’s that time of year – Halloween is soon upon us! Decorations and all manner of Fall paraphernalia have been in the stores since Labor Day, soon to be replaced by turkeys, Christmas ornaments, and menorahs.

Halloween is very special for kids. While not in the origin of the holiday, they’re excited to put on their costumes and walk from house to house eager for the candy they are certain to receive.

For their parents, there’s fun, of course, matched by a little anxiety about what their children will be consuming, or how they can get the sweets away from them without prompting tantrums.

Halloween also signifies the start of the end of the year when people want to celebrate and begin to look forward to what lies ahead. How was your year?

Looking back at 2022 and seeing what worked, and what didn’t, is helpful in planning how you should proceed in 2023, including initiatives that may include:

  • Fine-tuning your marketing outreach
  • Rebranding
  • Creating a more definitive sales plan
  • Recruitment and hiring
  • Productivity and infrastructure enhancements
  • Working in a more productive office environment

Taking the time to analyze each of these segments of your business will help you to minimize, or even eliminate, missteps and wasted time and money once we turn the page on the calendar.

But first, look at your numbers. Was this a profitable year? Regardless of the answer, you should address the reasons and how you can either do more of the same or shift and do better next year.

So, save the scary stuff for haunted houses. Be precise and pragmatic about what you need to do to accomplish your goals next year, and if your 2022 numbers are not where you want them to be, there’s still time to bring in business.

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