Finishing Upbeat

Finishing Upbeat

It is always great to finish every day and every year on a positive note.

Many of us focus on went wrong and then dwell on it – beating up ourselves and/or trying to figure out how to fix the situation and avoid it in the future.

If you want to feel good at the end of the day, spend the last 15-30 minutes reviewing and writing down everything that went well – the deal that closed, the sales meeting that went well, the new lead, the employee that showed they can do more than you expected or developed a new skill, etc., etc. Focus on the ‘big’ and the ‘small’ positives. You will see that there are a lot of them.

And as we close out the year, take a little while to do the same for 2023. The exercise will be liberating and empowering, and you will finish the day, and year, on that positive note.

[Note] – We tried a similar exercise at the end of a meeting. It was a great way to end. There were about 15 of us reviewing the budget and upcoming fiscal year’s plan for a non-profit agency. Rather than just adjourn the meeting, we went around the table and gave each attendee 30 seconds to describe something good that has recently happened to them or a member of the family. Not only did we get to share nice personal news with one another, we all got to learn a little more about each other’s personal lives.

So review your ‘wins’ at the end of each day and you will finish on an up-note and in a positive mindset.

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