Five Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Office Space


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Finding the right office space in the Westchester, NYC, Fairfield County area can be a challenge. Historically, building owners have required a lease with a minimum commitment of five years. With an ever-changing business landscape, it’s hard for professionals to find a suitable space today that will still be the right fit tomorrow.

Choosing the wrong location can hinder growth.  Conversely, an unforeseen revenue downturn could put a business in a financial bind. Luckily, with nine locations in the New York City area, Stark Office Suites offers a range of unsurpassed office solutions with the flexibility that today’s growing businesses require.


Ask yourself these questions before choosing an office space.


1. Does this office project the right image? Your office space offers a window into your company’s image and culture.  You want your clients to walk into an office that is modern, warm and welcoming.  You want clients and employees to see that you are reliable and smart.  Stark Office Suites provides premium amenities in an environment that projects quality, professionalism and confidence.


2. Is the location convenient? Clients draw comfort knowing that they can easily reach you when needed. Stark Office Suites locations are convenient to major highways and public transportation. Many of our offices are walking distance to Metro North stations, making it easy for clients who may be unfamiliar with Westchester or Fairfield counties to come up from the city.


3. Is it the right location for my key employees? A long, expensive commute may force employees to consider opportunities elsewhere. With nine premier locations in Westchester, NYC and Fairfield County, Stark Office Suites offers unsurpassed office solutions, close to home.


4. What is the parking situation? Can employees and clients comfortably find a readily accessible place to keep their cars and walk to the office? All nine Stark Office Suites locations offers parking that is convenient, safe and close-by.


5. Is there room for my company to expand? Being locked into a long-term lease in an inflexible environment can make it difficult for a company to adapt as needed. Stark Office Suites provides turn-key solutions that provide the flexibility needed for growing companies.



From premium office space to high-end amenities and first class service, with Stark Office Suites, you can enjoy the lifestyle choice of working where it best suits you and the business advantage of meeting clients where it suits them.

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