Getting Ready for the Week Ahead


Do you find the transition from Sunday to Monday very tough? It doesn’t necessarily mean that you dislike what you do, but rather that Monday morning comes about too soon. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Regardless of your position, there are several things that you can do to ease yourself into the workweek and experience less stress and foreboding about what lies ahead.

Why not try these things and see if they will work for you:

  • Start planning for the upcoming week on Friday afternoon. Organize your work and get clarity on what needs to be accomplished. If you have the time it is a good idea to get a jump on some of the work before the following week.
  • Create a schedule so that you will be certain to meet all of your upcoming deadlines. The more definitive the schedule the more likely you are to accomplish what you set out to do.
  • While many people don’t want to think about work on Sunday night, it is a good idea to take an hour or so on Sunday evening to organize everything for the next morning. There’s nothing worse than rushing around on Monday and being flustered when you get to your office.
  • Try to be grateful. Instead of feeling grumpy and down in the dumps about the work that lies ahead, summon up “gratitude” for all that you have, the work that awaits you and the positive experiences that will be forthcoming.
  • Consider aligning with an “accountability” partner to help you stay on track and while this can be a somewhat formal and professional arrangement, you can do very much the same with a friend or colleague from work. Friendly “check-in” emails and calls and being held “accountable” by someone else can make completing a difficult task more realistic.
  • Consider your work environment. Perhaps working alone in your home office is uninspiring. Consider a professional, furnished office in a Stark Office Suites location.

So this Friday, clean your desk, get your files in order (digital and paper) and you’ll find yourself in better sorts when you start work the following Monday. You might even find that you have a less stressful weekend.

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