Stark Office Suites Mount Kisco: The Heart of Northern Westchester




Trying to balance work and personal lives is a never-ending challenge. The demands of the workplace and home life are often in conflict, and for many of us, it seems we always have one foot in the other world. The result is that all-too-familiar feeling of being pulled in two different directions.


Office location is a huge element in this equation. Finding the perfect workspace that is an easy drive from home, school or the many other places where we spend our non-working hours can be a critical key to a happy, healthy work-life balance. If you live in northern Westchester, we have the solution.


Stark Office Suites in Mount Kisco is the perfect solution for busy professionals in northern Westchester. Our brand-new office location is nestled in a quiet, wooded setting yet convenient to Mount Kisco’s thriving downtown, with easy access to major highways and within walking distance to Metro North making getting where you need to go easy and stress-free.  Stark’s state-of-the art office facility provides everything one needs to make a smooth transition out of a home office or into a new business.


Financial website recently named Mount Kisco one of the 10 best places to start a business in New York, stating, “Despite the village’s relatively small size, there are over 17 businesses per 100 people, one of the highest ratios on our top 10 list.”


The stress-free feeling continues at the office, as Stark’s high-end suites feature spacious offices, premium conference facilities and advanced technological infrastructure, making a day at the office both comfortable and efficient. And with plenty of free parking, you never have to worry about finding a spot.


There are so many advantages to making Stark Office Suites your premium business location. Everything from phones and high-speed Internet access to professional furniture and equipment is included in one monthly charge. Conference rooms and back-office support services are there for the asking, and the coffee’s always on us!


As a Stark Office Suites client, you will have access to all nine of our area suites including our New York City location in the tower of One Grand Central Place. Enjoy the flexibility of basing your office in Mt. Kisco while scheduling meetings in any other. And our Virtual Office solutions bring flexibility to your professional life, offering a sophisticated image, available office or meeting space and receptionist services.


We invite you to stop by to see how Stark Office Suites in Mount Kisco can help you achieve your optimal work-life balance.

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