Office Space for Today’s Entrepreneurs & Start-ups

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Today, most professionals carry their workplace with them on their smartphones, laptops and other devices causing the space between “office” and “home office” to get blurred.


For entrepreneurs who are starting a business or growing one, the question arises whether or not to make the investment in a dedicated workspace and the infrastructure that comes with it. For many, the argument for a professional office environment goes well-beyond a respected business address and reliable phone system.




It’s difficult to convince a rising star to join a firm if it means working at a kitchen table or a corner of the family room. A dedicated office communicates to prospective employees that a company is committed to professionalism, respects their working environment and will provide the support needed to be successful.




Despite improvements in technology such as GoToMeeting and Skype, video conferences are rarely smooth; team members can’t log in, others get disconnected and some forget to show up at all. While useful tools, they can fall short when compared to the productivity and communication experienced by getting together in a well-appointed conference room and getting down to work.




While your dog may truly be your best friend, he will never be a trusted source of business referrals or insight. Being able to step outside your office into an environment of professionals who can provide experience and support is invaluable.


Stark Office Suites is the premium solution for flexible executive suites for businesses in Westchester, Fairfield County and Manhattan. Without the expense of an office build-out or the need for a long-term commitment, you can move your business forward at a pace that suits your needs and budget. Stark’s move-in ready, turn-key office space is ideal whether you are a start-up or already established. Plus, our friendly professional environment makes it easy to network, collaborate, and form important strategic alliances.


Entrepreneurs enjoy the benefits of:


  • Flexible terms to expand or contract office space based on your need
  • Easy expansion within and across all Stark locations
  • Access to all Stark Office Suites locations
  • Impressive conference facilities and meeting spaces


Winston Churchill said “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Your work is shaped by your surroundings – contact Stark Office Suites to put your business in the environment it needs to grow and succeed.

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