As New York City Reopens, Stark Office Suites Helps Professionals Safely Get Back to Work

60 East 42nd Street

COVID-19 has taken New York City by storm; think about it, who would have ever thought that New York City would be shut down for over 100 days? Thankfully, the New York State on PAUSE executive order worked and New Yorkers have flattened the curve.  Successful professionals and entrepreneurs are starting to return to their New York City offices as the city enters Phase IV, and Stark Office Suites is excited to welcome their tenants back to work safely.

Adam J. Stark, President of Stark Office Suites, views the establishment of a safe environment as an extremely important element of good customer service and the Stark operations team has implemented a broad array of investments and operating procedures to protect the health and safety of our clients.  All office spaces and common areas are being thoroughly cleaned and disinfected on a much more frequent basis to prevent the spread of germs. Additionally, plexiglass installations have been erected in the proper places in the suites to provide protection and social distancing.  Common area layouts have been rethought with safety in mind, and social distancing signage and directions help ensure that interactions take place at a safe distance.  Stringent employee health protocols have been instituted and we are in close coordination with our buildings on visitor and vendor policies to provide an additional layer of protection for our clients.

We understand that limits on crowd sizes for essential meetings will be a challenge for some of our clients due to the social distancing guidelines set forth by the state. In order to meet these challenges, we have completed the installation of enhanced video conferencing equipment in all of our suites and have also increased the number of large monitors available in our conference rooms. The addition of these new updates will allow for business meetings to continue while protecting our clients’ health and safety.  Our team members at each of our locations will be available on-site to help with this new equipment, so our clients can focus on managing their business.

While we continue to monitor the ongoing changes to the federal and state guidelines, Stark Office Suites remains committed to working with our clients to find solutions to fit their changing needs and help them navigate this “new normal.”  Visit our Midtown-Manhattan offices across from Grand Central Station or our Plaza District location to learn more about becoming Stark Office Suites client and how we can assist you in planning a safe return for your business.

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