Time Management Tips For When You Have No Time

Time Management at The Office Tips

Reading articles about time management can sometimes be stressful. Even those who are confident they are good time managers, and get a tremendous amount accomplished in the span of one day, don’t always “follow the rules.”

We are happy to share some proven time management tips in the hopes that when you have no time, they will be of assistance.

Ask yourself, do I REALLY need to do this.

If you’re a “doer,” sometimes it is hard to stop doing, and when that’s the case, you can find yourself taking the time to do something that isn’t necessary. These “unnecessary” tasks and activities vary because the decision about what is “required” is personal and differs for everyone.

One of the best ways to determine if something is essential is to ask yourself what are the potential ramifications if you don’t do it. If you discover that the consequences are minimal or non-existent, you can feel more confident about crossing this task off of your to-do list.

Is there someone else that can do the work?

Many doers have difficulty delegating because they believe (sometimes correctly) they can do things faster and better than the person to whom they would delegate the work. That may be true but the more you do yourself, the less time you have. Plus, stretching another person’s capabilities is good for their development and will give you the confidence to give them more and more to do.

Focus your attention on mission-critical work that only you can do and delegate the rest. It may take time to identify the resources that you can trust and rely on, but it is worth the time in the long run.


Not everything has to be done at the same time! Many times, doers tend to get overwhelmed by what is “on their plate,” without taking the time to prioritize and develop their personal work plan to get everything accomplished, just not all at the same time! When considering what you have to do, focus on the items that are most important and will have the greatest impact when they are complete.

Create a realistic work plan and stick to it. I find that if I consult my to-do list several times over the course of the day, I have a better chance of staying on task. I re-prioritize as the day goes on.

Lastly, don’t try to make someone else’s top tips become your plan because sometimes they just don’t work. Starting the day bright and early may work for some (me included!), but not for everyone. If you find yourself getting a burst of energy at midnight, then arrange your day accordingly, making sure, of course, that you get adequate sleep.

The key here is to own your own truth, and just be you.

And, if you find yourself getting lost along the way to time management and productivity, there are books, articles, and videos that can give you some pointers that you can always modify and make your own.

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