THE HUMAN TOUCH: Five ways a virtual receptionist can help your business grow


The virtual receptionist

Communication is the lifeblood of your business. In today’s automated world, the customer experience – whether positive or negative – can impact decision-making, even from the very first interaction. Imagine the following scenario: you meet someone at a networking event who mentions an immediate need for a service you provide. Impressed by your elevator pitch, he asks for your card and calls later that afternoon. Unfortunately, you’re on the phone when the call comes through and, not recognizing the number, you send it to voicemail. Thinking he’ll try you again later, your prospective client hangs up without leaving a message. You’re now faced with the challenge of trying to turn an anonymous telephone number into a relationship.


A different look at the same scenario: You’re still on the phone when the call comes through but, instead of going to voicemail, the call is answered by a pleasant voice stating the name of your company and identifying herself. When the caller asks for you, the receptionist says pleasantly, “hold just a moment, please” as she notifies you of the caller’s name, giving you the opportunity to handle both calls in the most professional way. Whether you’re a Westchester start-up or working from your home office in Fairfield County, the advantages of a virtual receptionist can be the key to taking your business to the next level for more reasons than just the initial greeting, allowing you to…


1. Appear Larger than You Are: The professionalism of having a support staff provides the appearance of a larger, well organized business. Sufficient support means work gets done promptly and efficiently. Level the playing field when competing against larger companies for work by always looking your most professional.


2. Multi-task better: As a small business owner or professional, you wear a lot of hats. When you’re in a meeting, on the phone or away from the office, it’s a comfort to know that calls aren’t missed and can be handled according to your instructions. Your virtual receptionist has your back, so you can stay focused on moving your business forward.


3. Hold the Line: Knowing your caller will hold until you answer – as opposed to hoping he’ll leave a voicemail – provides you with more time to switch gears and collect your thoughts.


4. Know what’s important: A professional receptionist knows how to identify the important calls while screening out the sales calls, saving you valuable time.


5. Be Prepared: Knowing who’s calling gives you time to adjust – to quiet distracting noises, get in the right frame of mind or collect information you need to be on top of your game.


Relationships are the cornerstone of any business and nurturing them is the only way to grow. Stark Office Suites provides you with the tools you need to make the right first impression and the ability to focus on serving your clients’ needs first and foremost. Interested in knowing more about the services Stark Office Suites provides? Click to learn more about our virtual office solutions.

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